Affiliate Boards

Some text about the Affiliate Boards here.
Zoning Board of Appeals
Dave Kendall, Dana Siburt, Kim Elizalde
serving through 5/1/2016
Zoe Ann Schwarze, Tammy Crossin
serving through 5/1/2017
Eric Seidler, Kim Vogt
serving through 5/1/201
Architectural Review Board
Charlotte Gartzke, Linda Allen, Jennifer Kipping
serving through 5/1/2017
Jean Langsdorf, Donna Mueller, Sharon Schilling
serving through 5/1/2015
Bonnie Unterseh, Elaine Knobloch, Laurie Brown
serving through 5/1/2016
Plan Commission
Rick Roever, Larry Andres, Kelly Richards, Alberta Riechmann, Todd Hildreth
All serving through 5/1/2017